While I was studying, I haven’t been able to fly for almost ten years.I felt panic, fear, it was a phobia. I couldn’t even get close to a plane.

I guess that, as a control freak, I considered the idea of trusting a stranger while flying at thousand of feet quite bothering and stressful.
And then, all of a sudden, I remember the clouds, the overwhelming beauty of random geometries, the seductive perfect balance of natural color palettes and the sky over New York, so moving.
Even before becoming a photographer, beauty has always been a consolation, a source of inspiration and calm, the origin of that crazy sublime feeling of being brimming with joy and emotions.
This year I’ve been constantly walking with beauty, but during Erin and Baptiste’s wedding in Provence it was such a strong presence, I almost felt it was cheerfully struggling to exceed itself in each moment.

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