“Destination wedding photographer Morocco.” While flying to Marrakech after sleeping for just one hour, with a horrible cold and an ear closed, I kept thinking: how would it be like? I imagined the colors, the sound of the city, the muezzin singing, the desert. In my imagination, it was all very colorful and noisy, alive and full of people.

It actually was. I shot at the Medina, at Jardin Majorelle, on some of the amazing terraces of Marrakech, at the most beautiful riads. Everything was as I expected, and beyond my best expectations.
But then, we found a green desert and a stormy weather, a strange Berber policemen riding a motorcycle, and I captured Morocco as I would have never imagined.
Being a wedding photographer while traveling the world gives me the chance of feeling constantly surprised and overwhelmed by unexpected beauty. This way I could run around the desert with my ear closed, a horrible sore throat and the wind blowing and feel the happiest person ever.

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