Hi! I’m Martina, the gentle warrior behind La Boutique de la Luz. I’m a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer in love with beauty. I hunt for subtle and sublime emotions. I help people celebrating life, emotions, style and happy moments around the world.
In 2008 I moved to Barcelona with my cat and a dream: working as a photographer. Then I found an old restorer’s studio in the heart of the Gothic neighborhood.
In 2012 La Boutique de la Luz opened its doors.

From fashion photography
to wedding reportage


I took my first pic with my father, when I was nine years old. Many years later I decided to be a photographer. A fashion photographer. And I did.
I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast, so I thought that that may be my ideal job. I was wrong.
My about us
is about me, and you

Fashion is about style and beauty. What I do is about relationships.
When it comes to describing myself, my style and the way I work, emotions are the first thing that comes to my mind.
My client’s emotions are the heart of my reportages and what matters the most to me.


I believe in kindness. I love to listen. I get involved.
Photography has always been something personal to me. It’s related to my family and to the way I see myself and the others.
My father did three great things for me: he gave me a Minolta, he encouraged me to be myself, and during his whole life, he loved my mother (you can see them in the picture above). And my mother… well, she is the best person I know.
Photography is my way of celebrating love and family. I feel like a privileged witness of intimacy, joy, beauty.
Facts about me
– I love talking. A lot;
– I have a bunny, his name is Django. Someone left him in a bag hanging at my studio’s door;
– I have a serious addiction to chai tea, and to food in general;
– I love Tarantino and Wes Anderson’s movies and I’m a big fan of Richard Avedon and Tim Walker.
– If you want to know something more about me drop me a line!
– I graduated in Communication Sciences – Marketing, in 2006;
– I’ve been studying fashion photography in Milan, at John Kaverdash Academy and IED;
– I’ve been blogging for the Italian edition of Asylum.com, one of the most known American men lifestyle blogs by AOL;
– I’ve been working as a photographer for Allison S.p.A. (Padova, Italy), United colors of Benetton (Treviso, Italy) and Starbiz Studio (model for a day photo shootings, Barcelona).
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