When I first talked with Cory about his proposal in Barcelona, he had a very clear idea: he wanted it to be in one of the best and most scenographic places of the city.

Bunkers, I thought. Los Bunkers del Carmel were built in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. They were used as part of an anti-craft battery to defend against attacks from the fascists. They also happen to offer one of the best views over Barcelona, and they are therefore one of my favourite places to shoot.

The only issue was that there are a few ways to get to the Bunkers, so as it was supposed to be a surprise proposal, we had to find an easy meeting point where we could pretend to be hanging at the same time.

And the time was 7.30 in the morning. (Sunrise time, best time, yu-huuu!)

I told Cory that we could meet at the closest bus stop, that they could ask me for directions to get there, and that – like every warm, mediterranean, half-Spanish-half-Italian Barcelona citizen – I would have offered to walk them there. Everything sounded perfect.

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