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Some days ago, while looking for some stupid tv show after eating too much for Christmas, I ended up watching “Dead poets society”. Professor Keating, played by Robin Williams, was reading a poem by Walt Whitman:
“Oh me! Oh life! Of the questions of these recurring, of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish, what good amid these, oh me, oh life?” Answer. That you are here – that life exists, and identity. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.”
Pause. “That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.” Pause. And then Keating asks: what will your verse be?
What will my verse be? I asked myself.

The answer is written in the days, in the hours, in the most significant moments of this year.
Yellow cabs, Brooklyn bridge, hot dogs, the sky above Barcelona, a kid walking at Dwejira Bay, Provence. A bride standing upon an upside down little ship, a mattress in Venice, perfect color palettes, geometries and hugs, bridges, houses, bicycles, cafés, semaphores, people.
The answer to my question. Those moments are the answer to my question not just because with their moving, fun, sweet presence they made me happy, but because by capturing some of these precious epiphanies of joy, love, life, I could give my contribution, save memories, share beauty. This is my verse.
A choral verse. In fact, you can hear the toughts and emotions of the ones who chose me, but not just that.
It’s my father’s verse. This year, by accepting a prize for professional ethics, he reminded me again the importance of being there and working for others, in a curious, happy, delicate, provocatory, tireless way. And it’s my family’s verse. With their unconditional love and support, they made me proud of being part of this incredible, small universe of imperfect, generous and unique human beings.
It’s my colleagues and Flytographer family’s verse. They’ve been accompanying me, inspiring me, taking care of me, they made me laugh and think, they nourished my sense of belonging and the pride of feeling part of an amazing international community.
It’s the verse of my dearest friends, who share with me the passion for keeping a childish soul, playing and creating.
I came to the conclusion that without all these moments and people I wouldn’t have anything to say as a photographer. Even while working, I am still a human being, with my thoughts, emotions, strengths and weaknesses, with my need of expressing myself, exploring, belonging. And I would have nothing to say without love, the urge that makes us feel alive, that makes us move the boundaries of “me” and “us”, that drags us until we feel the terrifying, warm, disarming feeling that we’re part of something bigger.
So here you can find a recap of the most important moments of 2016.
It’s not a portfolio of my best wedding pictures.
It’s life, travels, experiences, encounters.
It’s you, and me, and everything we shared.
Thank you for all those great adventures.

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