Happy father’s day


My father believes in my talent and dreams.
He never really cared about what I wanted to be – dancer, writer, florist, photographer – he just wanted me to get what I dream of.

My father is one of my biggest lucks, with is peculiar way of facing people and situations: unordinary, serene, irreverent.
He can see each and every shade of grey, and ignore with a smile black, and white.

My father introduced me to Images, Photography and Beauty, and taught me how to look at them my own way.

My father and I always understand each other, and it feels like in the traffic of life existed a secret that the just two of us share.
When I look at him I feel safe and confident, and this is his biggest gift, because irrespective of what the others say or do, today or tomorrow, his words and toughts will always resound in my head.

Freedom, faith and confidence, the right of being myself and the will to keep fighting for what I want: this is what I hear.

For this, any many other reasons, today I feel grateful for the gift of having such a great father.

Happy father’s day, papà.

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